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CGI Hackers:
New ! CGI Hackers & IP Address Hackers Cookbook Combo:
IP Address Hacking CookBook:
This newly added Manual assists in the learning of IP Address Hacking. From Tracerouting to all out attack ! IP Addresses not say who we are, but where were from. Have the power to use at will your IP Address and the addresses of others without there knowledge. The IP Address Hacking Cookbook explains how this is done and how to protect yourself.
And, you get the CGI Hackers CookBook Now included:
There are many situations when everything on the system is secure from remote access, but a CGI script allows attackers to issue commands.  This can be used to gain further access by exploiting a local problem in the system.  According to the sans's top 10 list of "The Ten Most Critical Internet Security Threats" CGI vulnerabilities are the number 2 biggest problems in internet security. With the CGI Hackers Bible Y2K03, you'll not only learn CGI but the vulnerabilites of it as well. Simple plain language guides help in understanding code, hacks and more. A new series of wanted information from HackersCatalog.com
CGI / IP Hackers Cookbook Combo on CD:
$ 9.95 Each 
P.S. - A basic understanding of CGI helps in understanding this Book, although not required.

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