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Computer Hacking Workbook: Updated !
Computer Hacking Workbook:
Curious about How Hackers do their stuff? The uncovered truth about Computer hacking. Learn all there is about subjects once thought to be to hot to handle. subjects broken down into plain language so you can understand. Subjects covered include but are not limited to:
  • Untold Windows Tips and Tricks
  • Encryption Algorithms Torn Apart
  • Kerberos Torn Apart
  • Password Cracking Decrypted Part II
  • Shell Scripting
  • Controlling Modems Remotely
  • Transparent Proxies
  • Closing Open Holes
  • Editing Your ISP Account Details
  • Sendmail and Beyond: Kewl Tips and Tricks
  • Traceroute Torn Apart
  • Windows NT Password Cracking
  • Port Scanning Unscanned
  • IP Addresses Torn Apart
  • DOS Attacked!!!
  • Defacing Websites Part I
  • SYN Flooding Torn Apart
  • The Yahoo Fake Login Screen
  • Trojans Port List
  • SSL Torn Apart
  • Gathering Info on Remote Host
  • sswords Explained
  • Hacking Linux
  • Netstat Torn Apart
  • Windows Password Files Torn Apart
  • Removing Banners from your site
  • TCP Wrappers Unwrapped
  • Getting Geographical Info Using an IP
  • Base64 Encoding Torn Apart
  • Ping Un-Pinged
  • IP Routing Torn Apart
  • Sniffers Torn Apart
  • Subnet Addressing Torn Apart
  • Networking in C
  • ICMP: A Mammoth Description
  • Tracing the Traceroute: A White Paper
  • The Hotmail Fake Login Screen
  • Country Codes List
If there is only one hacking book you buy, this is the one, over 400 Pages of Computer Hacking info! The complete resource for hackers. More subjects covered here than anywhere else. The New Computer Hacking Workbook is here to stay and will shortly become a hackers educational MUST HAVE !!
For a more complete breakdown of the contents of this book, Click Here !
Computer Hackers WorkBook on 2 CD-ROMS:
 $ 9.95 Each 
** Comes with Accompanying CD-ROM Software for Free ( Only with book-on-CD purchase ).

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