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Computer Hackers WorkBook:
Table of Contents
Untold Windows Tips and Tricks
  • Exiting Windows the Cool and Quick Way
  • Ban Shutdowns : A Trick to Play on Friends (or Lamers)
  • Editing Displays of Drives in My Computer
  • Pop up a Banner Each Time Windows Boots
  • Delete the Tips of the Day
  • CLSID Folders Explained
  • How to Customize Right Click Menus for Special Folders
  • And lots and lots more...
Encryption Algorithms Torn Apart
  • DES Explained
  • Implementing DES
  • RSA and PGP Explained
  • Implementing RSA
  • And lots and lots more...
Kerberos Torn Apart
  • KThe Kerberos Protocol
  • Kerberos: The Working
  • Different Parts Of Kerberos
  • How do I know if my ISP has Kerberos?
  • and more...
Password Cracking Decrypted Part II
  • Cracking the Netzero Password
  • Cracking CISCO Router Passwords
  • Increasing Windows Password Security
  • Bypassing the Dial Up Server Password
  • Cracking Outlook Express Password
  • Using Netcat to Steal Passwds
  • and more...
Shell Scripting
  • The Bourne Shell 4 U
  • Shell Basics
  • Scripitng Basics
  • And more...
Controlling Modems Remotely
  • Hayes Compatible Command Set
  • AT Commands
  • ATH0 Attacks
  • Disconnecting your Friends From the Internet
  • Protection From ATH0 Attacks
  • Modems Tips and Tricks
  • and more...
Transparent Proxies
  • Configuring a Transparent Proxy
  • ipchains
  • ipfwadm
  • Securing Linux
  • and more...
Closing Open Holes
  • Securing your system
  • Firewalls
  • Exploiting Firewalls
  • Insight: How Hackers victimize PPP users
  • and more...
Editing Your ISP Account Details
  • Changing your ISP Database Info
  • Port8088
  • Chaging your Contact Details
  • Tips to Fool People trying to trace you
  • and more...
Sendmail and Beyond: Kewl Tips and Tricks
  • Sending Attachments through Sendmail
  • CC and BCC with Sendmail
  • Specify Subject with Sendmail
  • Sendmail Tips and Tricks
  • Fun with Email headers
  • and more...
Traceroute Torn Apart
  • Traceroute: The Working
  • A Networking Approach
  • TTL and Hops
  • Implementing Traceroute
  • and more...
Windows NT Password Cracking
  • SAM Hacking
  • Extracting SAM data
  • Extracting Passwords
  • getadmin
  • sechole
  • and more...
Port Scanning Unscanned
  • Port Scanning Torn Apart
  • TCP connect Scans
  • TCP SYN Scan
  • TCP FIN Scan
  • Null Scans and Xmass tree Scans
  • UDP Scanning
  • and more...
IP Addresses Torn Apart
  • IP Addresses: Structure
  • Classes and Ranges
  • Loopback Interface
  • IP in DWORD, Hex
  • IP in Binary, Octal
  • Getting IP with MSN, ICQ etc
  • Getting IP of Site visitors
  • and more...
DOS Attacked!!!
  • Dos Attacks Explained
  • Smurf and Teardrop
  • Land and SYN Attacks
  • UDP Flooding
  • dDos attacks
  • and more...
Defacing Websites Part I
  • Defacing Websites
  • A Step By Step Process
  • FTP Port Vulnerability
  • and more...
SYN Flooding Torn Apart
  • SYN Attacks
  • 3-way handshake exploiting
  • Countermeasures
  • and more...
The Yahoo Fake Login Screen
  • Just what the name says...
Trojans Port List
  • List of trojans and their Port Numbers
SSL Torn Apart
  • Secure Sockets Layer
  • SSL: The Working
  • SSL Sub Protocols
  • How do I know a secure connection?
  • Secure Connection Tips and tricks
Gathering Info on Remote Host
  • Getting the Operating System name
  • Making use of the FTP daemon to get info
  • How to run exploits
  • Getting the right working exploit
  • And lots and lots more...
Default Passwords Explained
  • BIOS Default Passwords
  • OS Default Passwords
  • Router Default Passwords
  • Around 800 Different Default Passwords
Hacking Linux
  • Getting Root on a local Machine
  • Creating a unpassworded root account
  • 4 different ways of getting root
  • Protecting your Linux box from such attacks
  • and more...
Netstat Torn Apart
  • Everything you wanted to know about this.
  • Finding your own IP
  • Finding Open ports on your system
  • Detecting Trojans
  • Finding IP's of ICQ friends.
Windows Password Files Torn Apart
  • .pwl files torn apart
  • How Windows Authenticaates a user
  • Vulnerabilities in .pwl technology
  • Exploiting Password Caching
  • Structure of .pwl files
  • and more...
Removing Banners from your site
  • Removing Embedded Ads
  • Stopping Automatic Popups
  • Getting a Free Banner free .com
  • Namezero exploit
  • and more...
TCP Wrappers Unwrapped
  • Securing your Linux Box
  • inetd
  • Hosts.deny and Hosts.allow
  • Setting Boobey Traps for Lamers
  • and more...
Getting Geographical Info Using an IP
  • Deducing the Country, City of an IP
  • Tracing an IP
  • Getting Geographical Details
  • Deducing the ISP name
  • and more...
Base64 Encoding Torn Apart
  • An Introduction
  • Encoding and Decoding
  • Implementation
  • and more...
Ping Un-Pinged
  • Ping: The Working
  • A Networking Approach
  • Round Time Calculation
  • Implementing Ping
  • and more...
IP Routing Torn Apart
  • Routing Tables Torn Apart
  • IP Routing: Working
  • Unix Routing Tables
  • Windows Routing Tables
  • The route command
  • Netmask and Network Classes
  • and more...
Sniffers Torn Apart
  • Sniffers: The Working
  • Detecting Sniffers
  • Sniffing Countermeasures
  • and more...
Subnet Addressing Torn Apart
  • Subnetting Explained
  • Netmask and Subnet Mask
  • Subnet Addressing
  • Getting hostID, NetID, SubnetID
  • and more...
Networking in C
  • Sockets & Port
  • Network Programming
  • Everything you wanted to know.
  • and more...
ICMP: A Mammoth Description
  • ICMP Torn Apart
  • Info Gathering with ICMP
  • Remote OS Detection with ICMP
  • Firewall Detection with ICMP
  • Address Mask, TimeStamp, Echoand more...
Tracing the Traceroute: A White Paper
  • Everything about traceroute
  • Firewall Detection, OS Detection
  • Geographical location tracing
  • Gathering Network Topography
  • Network Problems Detection
  • Detection and Countermeasures
  • Anonymous Tracerouting
  • Detection and and more...
The Hotmail Fake Login Screen
  • Just what the name says...
Country Codes List
  • List of Countries and Country Codes
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