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Updated! Cable Descrambler Plans - MEGA PACK PRO:
Just Released 1/12
Cable Descramblers MEGA PACK -PRO- Expanded Edition is the latest edition in the "Cable Hacking" series. This newly released "Expanded Edition" gives more info on what you have asked for. DIGITAL CABLE !
We now offer Digital Cable installation instruction, see the left hand side navagaton bar. A complete set up digital cable descrambler plans, see the left hand navagation bar. And newly added is a complete section dedicated to teaching the newest way to enjoy digital cable
We have acquired a complete package, that includes over 24 methods on how to descramble Cable TV as well as Digital Cable plus 5 different programs that use your Graphic Card in order to descramble different types of Cable TV from PAL to NTSC, from Nagravision to VideoCrypt, from the US to Europe (Premiere World), and much more. You may see other websites selling out-dated cable plans, but If you want WORKING plans, please continue reading!
This Packge is going to show you:
  • How to Descramble cable, by opening your TV
  • How to Descramble Cable with aluminum foil
  • Cable Descrambler anyone can build with 7 Radio Shack Parts
  • How to get you & your neighbor free cable
  • How to build a Notch filter, it realy works
  • How to Steal Cable with magnets or from your neighbor
  • How to build a descrambler for $15
  • Foil & Oak descrambling methods
  • Salora Cable Descramblers
  • How to get free Cable TV legally
  • A different way to use aluminum foil to descramble
  • Another Descrambling plan that works well
  • The Maxi Decoder
  • Video baseband descrambler
  • Descramble Cable with an ID blocker
  • Hackers Guide to cable TV
  • Euro TV Descrambling plans
  • How to build a Descrambling CUBE
  • Satellite TV
  • Cable Frequencies for re-adjusting
  • How not to get caught
  • Cable TV FYI
  • Digital Cable Descrambling Techniques
And 5 different software programs that let you receive cable !
Why pay for Cable?
Did you know it's perfectly legal to use your own cable descrambling equipment? Its true! You no longer legally have to use the cable company's expensive boxes!
With this Package:
  • Your going to save a minimum of $360 a year
  • Your going to get more channels then you currently pay for!
  • Killer cable Plans work in Europe and North America!
  • You can build boxes and sell them to friends!
  • 24 different UNIVERSAL ways to get cable!
Start getting cable in under 10 minutes!
New software has over 24 methods on descrambling cable and digital cable + 5 software programs!
Here are a few words from some happy customers!
"I wanted to learn the art of cable descrambling since I hear about it all over the internet. I was surprised at the descriptive detail of these plans" Mary Jenson, Colorado Springs, CO.
"Your CD is great! I really like the fact that I received by CD 2 days after I ordered and didn't have to wait. Me and my kids followed your instructions and they work! I now have 93 channels. Thank you so much!" Suzanne Wood
"I just want to say the information I got with the combo offer covered here is great !, not only have I learned about digital cable, But I am enjoying the knowledge of knowing how it works? Ben Groves, Cedar Falls, IA
Now includes the Cable Report, a $ 20.00 Value for free.
Cable Descrambler Mega Pack PRO CD-ROM 'Expanded':
$ 9.95 Each 
P.S. - You get 24 cable descrambler plans, 5 Softwares that allow you to watch tv on your pc, detailed diagrams and easy to follow instructions! Tons of Descrambling Information !

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