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Thank you for Choosing Hackers Catalog. Here You'll Find all the information we have on the Military Gun BluePrints, Military Training Manuals, US. Rifle Diagrams, hand gun blueprints, Ground Vehicles and more. Military Gun Blueprints on cd.
Gun Blueprints / Schematics:
Military Gun Blueprints: (New Version!)
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All Versions Windows and MAC
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By putting all of the prints on a CD-ROM, you can view them now as you wish, and when time comes to build a gun, you can print these plans on your computer or a local print shop.
All files are in .pdf format !
These designs are real, with all dimensions, datum points and tolerances !


This is a much shrunk view of the 1919 print to fit this screen.
Below is the 100% view in a small section to allow you to view the detail, compressed to download the file quickly. These images are very detailed.
  • American 180
  • AR-15
  • Austin MKI 
  • Beretta 38A
  • Beretta 38/44
  • Browning 1919A4 Side Plates
  • Browning 1919A6 Side Plates
  • Browning BAR
  • Browning M2 .50 Side Plates
  • Cobray M11-9 & M12
  • MAC-10 (2 sets)
  • Madsen Model 1950
  • Lanchester MK-1 & MK-1A 
  • Libarator
  • Model 37
  • MP38 
  • MP40
  • Owen MKII
  • PPSH-41
  • Reising 50
  • Springfield M-60
  • Sten MKII
  • Sten MKII Compact
  • Sten MKIII
  • Sten MKV
  • Thompson 1928 Upper & Trigger Frame
  • Thompson M1A1
  • UD-M42
  • UZI
  • Vickers
  • Yugo 49-57
Whether you are looking to repair, entertainment, trivia facts or just want to be ready for the next gun amnesty, this information is for you. It is totally legal to own. All NFA rules apply.
Also Included are Firearm Manuals:
AK-47 US Army Operators
AR15 M16 Handbook TM 9-1005-249-14
Armalite AR18 (180)
BATF Issued Firearms Care & Maintenance
Beretta 92F 9mm Semi Auto Pistol
Browning Cal .30 M1918A2 WE TM 9-1005-208-12
Browning Machine Gun Cal .30 M1919A4 M1919A6 TM 9-1005-212-25
Browning Machine Gun Cal .50 TM 9-1005-213-10
Cal .30 Carbines M1, M1A1, M2 & M3 TM 9-1276
Colt 45 Auto Pistol M1911 & M1911A1
Fighting Garand Owners Manual
FN-FAL Manual
Glocks Armorers Manual (17,19,20,21,22,23 & 17L)
H&R SMG Cal .45 Models 50, 55, & 60
M1 Carbine Owners Manual
M1, M1C, M1D Garand TM 9-1005-222-12
M14 & M14A1 Rifle & Marksmanship FM 23-8
M16A1 & M16A2 Rifle Marksmanship FM 23-9
Machine Gun 7.62mm, M-60 FM 23-67
Pistols and Revolver FM 23-35
Rifle 5.56mm M16 & M16A1
Ruger 10/22 Carbine
Ruger 12 & 20 Gauge Over and Under Shotgun
Ruger 44 Magnum Carbine
Ruger 97 DC
Ruger Bearcat & Super Bearcat Revolvers
Ruger Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk Revolvers
Ruger Hawkeye Single Shot Pistol
Ruger M-77 Bolt Action Rifle
Ruger MKI Target & Standard Models
Ruger MKII Autoloading Pistol
Ruger Mini 14
Ruger Mini 30
Ruger Model 77/22 & 77/22 Magnum
Ruger New Bearcat
Ruger New Model Bisley .32 H&R & .22 LR
Ruger New Model Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk
Ruger New Model Single Six & Bisley
Ruger P-85, P-89, P-90, P-94
Ruger P-95DAO & P-97 DAO
Ruger Redhawk Double Action Revolver
SAW M249
Sig Sauer Auto Loading Pistol
Sig Sauer P-226 Armorers Manual
SKS AKS AK-47 Owners Manual
SKS Instruction Manual
SKS Simonov Type 56 TC 9-56
Springfield Rifles Cal .30 M1903, AT, A3, & A4
US Marine Corps M16A2 Rifle Manual
US Shotguns TM 9-285
UZI SMG Operation Manual Cal 9mm Parabellum
Grenades & Pyrotechnic Signals FM3-23.30
Shooting Skills, Sniper Training
& Suppressor Manuals:
Combat Training With Pistols & Revolvers FM23-35
How to Shoot Your M-16 AR-15 in Combat
Principles of a Quick Kill TT 23-71-1
US Army International Marksmanship Guide
Countersniper Guide US Army Marksmanship Training Unit
Home Workshop Mini 14 Silencers
Navy SEAL Sniper Training Manual
Scouting Patrolling & Sniping
Silencers - Principles & Evaluations R-1896
Sniper Training & Employment TC 23-14
Sniper Training USAIS
US Army Special OPS Sniper Training & Employment
USMC Scout Sniper
USMC Sniping
Sniper Training FM23-10
Also included - 20 Full-Auto Conversion Manuals:
AK-22, AK-47, AR-15, Browning Hi-Power, Cobray M-11, Glock, HK 91, HK 94,
KG99 / TEC-9, M1 Carbine, M14A1, MAC 10, Marlin 22, Marlin Camp,
Remington 1100, Ruger 10/22, Ruger Mini 14, SKS Type 56,
Thompson M27A1, UZI
** Regular Price $ 15.00, Super Sale Price $ 9.95 !! **
Military Gun Blueprints on CD-ROM:
$ 9.95 Each 
** Due to the nature of this book it is required that you be at least 18 years of age to purchase!
Hand Gun, Rifle & Shotgun Diagrams ( Updated ):
Extensive Diagrams with parts lists of the following manufacturers:
This CD-ROM has 25+ manufacturers and the guns they produced. Blown Up Diagrams and parts lits of each gun. From Hand Guns to Rifles, Revolvers to Shot Guns, this CD-ROM is jammed packed ! Manufacturers include, Sig/Sauer, Rugger, Smith & Wesson, Winchester, Sharps, Mauser, American Arms, Rossi, Thompson Center, Remington, Mossberg, Walther, Savage, Springfield, Luger, Colt, Dan Wesson, Marlin, Ithaca, Dakota, interarms,High Standard and more.. This CD is a must have for the gun enthusiast. Now Offered at an introductory price!
 Get the Hand Gun, Rifle & Shotgun Diagrams CD now !
Hand Gun, Rifle & Shotgun Diagrams on CD-ROM:
$ 9.95 Each 

** Due to the nature of this book it is required that you be at least 18 years of age to purchase!  

Gun Masters Three DVD Collection: NEW !
Learn what the experts Know!
This unique collection of Military, Civilian, and underground information is not for the lighthearted. Gun Masters is a collective effort spaning two years of gathering, organizing and working with informatioin to come up with the perfect DVD collection for any gun and survival enthusiast . A step above other military gun offerings, this collection is the end all of collections. Subjects covered include but are NOT limited to the following as we simply cannot list them all:
Gun Manuals:
BG, Colt, Glock, SW, Tauras
BMG 50
Bushmaster, Olympic Arms
Cobray, FN49, FNBG, Mac, Uzi
Colt Blueprints
CVA, Freedom Arms, RA, Sabatti, Merkel
Full Auto
Improvised Weapons
Ithaca, Marlin, Mossberg, Sako, Savage Arms
Mines, Grenades
Remington, Winchester Shotguns
Rossi, Magnum, Kahr
Walther, STI, Kahr
Guns and Survival Disk 1
Survival Basics
Survival Expert
Code Machines
Homebrew Electronics
Steam Engines
Terrorism Related
WW II German
Combat & Guerrila & Special Forces
Psychological Tests
Army Rangers
Navy Seals
Over 200 More...
Guns & Survival Disk 2
Combat Training
Fake ID
Guns 1
Mac 11
Military 1
Range Training
Red Dawn
Survival Fitness
Over 200 More...
Gun Masters Three DVD Collection:
$ 19.95 Each 

New !! Silencers & Suppressors 'PRO CD-ROM:

The greatest collection of the silencers and sound suppressor blueprints. From Backyard Objects to high end sound suppressors, this CD is easy and educational. This CD-ROM is a must have for hobbyists and professionals interested in silencers and sound suppressors.
Include but NOT limited to: Uzi Suppressor, paintball silencers, pistol and rifle diagrams as well as ez to build silencers such as the tennis ball and pop bottle suppressor.
Silencers and Sound Supressors on CD-ROM:
$ 9.95 Each 

Colt and Military M1 & 1928A1 Thompson Submachine Guns:

All are rare, original documents digitally enhanced. Disk includes;
  • Naval Ordnance Catalog 11/45 Section 9711. This is a rare U.S. Navy parts catalog that lists all the parts,
  • parts groups and sub-assemblies for the 1928,M1 and M1A1 Thompson. Complete with diagrams identifying the parts.
  • Base Shop Data, Rock Island Arsenal, M1928A1. Complete illustrated assembly and disassembly of the 1928 Thompson and its subassemblies Even includes instructions on disassembly-assembly of the trigger group, barrel and compensator.
  • Base Shop Data, Rock Island Arsenal, M1 Complete illustrated assembly and disassembly of the M1 Thompson and its
  • subassemblies Even includes instructions on the disassembly-assembly the trigger group, and barrel.
  • Technical Manual TM 9-1215 M1928A1 Thompson 10/42. Complete manual on the 1928 Thompson Submachine Gun. Includes; Description, basic disassembly and assembly, care and cleaning, functioning, stoppages and immediate action, spare parts and accessories, safety and handling, ammunition.
  • Technical Manual TM 9-215 M1 Thompson 10/42 Complete manual on the M1 Thompson Submachine Gun. Includes; Description, basic disassembly and assembly, care and cleaning, functioning, stoppages and immediate action, spare parts and accessories, safety and handling, ammunition.
  • Thompson test Springfield Armory 1922. Details on one of the very first Army tests conducted on the Thompson Submachine Gun. The test called for a total of 15,000 rounds to be fired. The Thompson was tested using a 20 round magazine and a 100 round C drum. The guns were tested with the standard 10 inch barrel and a 16 inch barrel and special hi velocity ammunition. Auto-Ordnance employees, Theodore Eickoff and George E. Goll did much of the test firing. Very interesting reading.
  • TSMG Test Cavalry School, July, 1931. This test was held by the Cavalry to see if the Thompson was feasible for use in
  • armored cars and motorcycles. The test was held using a1928 Colt Navy Model.
  • Ordnance Supply Catalog ORD 9 SNL A-32 2/44 The US ARMY catalog of parts for the 1928A1,
M1 - M1A1 Thompson parts and applications included.
Colt & Military M1 & 1928A1 Thompson on CD-ROM:
$ 9.95 Each 

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