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Hacker Training from the experts. A full collection of Training Tutorials, source codes, software tools and more in our NEW line of Hacker Training materials.
Hackers Training Suite ( Updated ):
Hacker Training Suite
The long anticipated THREE CD collection of the finest hacker training materials. Hacking Tutorials, Virus Source Code, and more make up this awesome collection of Hacker Material. Learn all there is to become an educated hacker in our three disk presentation.
Each disk is outlined below:
CD1 - Tutorials  (with FULL autorun menu)
  • Hackers Jargon and Language
  • Magazines from Hacking Groups
  • Cracking Tutorials
  • Phreaking Tutorials
  • "A Hackers Life"
  • Group Archives
  • How To Section
  • Reference Material
CD2- Software  (with FULL autorun menu)
  • Cracking Software
  • Hacking Tools
  • Password Cracking
  • Password Archive
  • Programming Section
  • Software
  • Proxy Server software
  • Links
CD3 - Virus  (care needed)
  • Trojans
  • Viri
  • Virus construction kits
  • Source code
Hackers Training Suite ( 3 Disk Collection ):
$ 15.95 Each 

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