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HydroPlane CD Contents:
These plans are in Adobe pdf format and are available on CD. I include a copy of the freely downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Description of each plan:
Here is a brief summary of each hydroplane included on this high quality CD:
1. Ace: Brand new hi-lift bottom  design and hi-strength longitudinal beam construction make Ace years ahead in outboard run about speed and performance. This fast two person cockpit outboard is good for towing water skiers and general boating. Length is 12'4" and beam is 5"9'. Weighs 200 pounds. Can hold up to five people.
2. The All Purpose Portable: This little delight can be powered with as little as a few horsepower for fishing or can be outfitted with more horsepower for serious cruising. It weighs only 125 pounds and is therefore very portable. It can be equipped with a canvass hull covering for longer journeys. This is an easy build and a good place to start your boat building hobby.
3. Air Marine Special: This class F hydroplane is pure speed!!! Joe Michelini himself drove the Airmarine Special at over 85 mph in 1958 National Championships. He took first place in Class B, C, F and CU events.
4. Aqua Racer - Tunnel Hull Racing Boat: This boat was first designed by Scotti Crafts and Molinaris in attempts to win world outboard speed records. This tunnel hull boat is a racing machine! This boat can reach speeds close to 100 miles per hour! This is for the more advanced boat builder and racer. This is not for the kids!
5. Aqua Rail: This scat type little boat is the dragster of boats. This is a fast, highly maneuverable yet safe boat. It can carry two people (one behind the other). The fiberglass design and lines on this boat make it look like a hydroplane yet it is not classed as one.
6. Aqua Rod - Another Tunnel Hull!: This is not technically a hydroplane but instead using the famous tunnel hull design. If your familiar with this term you know it means fast. It has won the admiration of boaters for its excellent handling qualities in rough waters and overall safety. The Aqua Rod's tunnel hull is one of the longest I have seen. The extra length put the lift more under the driver and prevents the bow from becoming too suddenly airborne. Weighs 225 pounds and is setup for one person although can be customized for two. 100 miles an hour can easily be achieved with this boat provided enough horsepower is fastened on the back. Enjoy!
7. Atomite: You can't beat this tiny hydroplane for high speed fun afloat! Here is a fast and furious but at the same time highly maneuverable 9.5 foot outboard hydroplane, designed for outboard motors of 7.5 to 10 hp (or even a bit larger if your brave!).
8. Bebop 8 Foot Speed Boat: For very few dollars this version of the classy runabout for youngsters can be built. Not a hydroplane but of similar size. The hull sides flare forward and curve aft with a wide safe beam. Single cockpit design with steering while engine control and plastic windshield give it a racy appearance.
9. Blitzen Racing Boat: This incredibly fast outboard speed boat is used in the class B racing. It has beveled chines for safe high speed operation. Two hull styles from same basic design given. One for general utility and one for high speed racing. 11'2" long with a beam of 4'7". Weighs 185 pounds and can carry four people.
10. Blue Streak: With a prop riding on her hydro-conic bottom, Blue Streak takes Class B outboard motors for a merry spin in stock utilities races. On fast turns, upswept sides keep her plastered to the water surface. Only two frames and a transom with plywood planking make her easy to build. Special designs have eliminated most of the difficult joinery, yet the stressed skin plywood hull will take choppy water in stride and carry as many as three people.
11. The Buzz: This is a versatile, planing outboard speed boat measuring 11 feet in length with a beam of almost 56 inches. It is lightweight with strong and sturdy constructional features. It seats four passengers. 135 pounds.
12. Cab-Over Hydro: This boat is for the person who no only wants to build a fast craft but also wants something extra. Originally called the X-1, this three point hydroplane has hit 75 mph. Closely resembling big Unlimited Class hydros, it can be powered by 50 to 100 hp motors.
13. Caballero: Designed for the amateur builder who desires roomy, fast and comfortable cruiser without the attendant high building and upkeep costs usually associated with inboard craft.
14. Chessy: When the soft southerly breezes blowing on your fevered brow and the moist, salty tang of marches tingling in your nostrils make you long to get out on the water, then the bug has bitten you and it is time to think about making a boat. Chessy is just the ticket to get you acquainted with the sport. She is strongly built so she'll take a beating when you drag her up on a sandy beach or push her into march grass with its inevitable hidden snags and roots. She has plenty of flare which keep her dry when the going gets rough - and she is steady enough on her keel to enable the soft crabber to stand in her bow and reach for a fast moving crustacean without having the feeling of walking on a tightrope.
15. Chum: This convex bottom (hydroconic) boat is 15.5 feet long with a beam of 6 feet and a maximum draft of 20 inches. You can use either a double cockpit or a single cockpit style for utility use. Chum was designed for use with a Marined Jeep Engine (such as the Lehman Econ-o-Power which develops 60 hp at 3400 rpm)
16. The Fin Tailed Cobra: Is a 15 foot outboard that rides on top of the water with a minimum disturbance and because of the beveled chines and trim tabs, it can make abrupt turns safely and without waste effort spray.
17. Dingbat: There's some flashy performance in your small outboard motor that will surprise you when running it on a Dingbat. You can build this most-fun-per-horsepower water scooter on Saturday and have it in the water for a full day of boating thrills on Sunday.
18. Dolphin: This is a larger 16 foot cruising boat that needs to be transported with a trailer. Takes up to four people comfortably.
19. Doodle Bug: The Doodle Bug Hydroplane is a trim, single cockpit, outboard hydroplane with a new type of convex bottom and no tripping chines which combine to produce a remarkably fast boat with excellent maneuverability.
20. Dragonfly: The Dragonfly is a hydroplane that is adapted to all classes of outboard motors from 4 hp row boat to motor to the largest racing engines. Streamlined in design, the constructional features are unique and present such developments as extended motor wells fro quick planning action and a combination of vee and convex bottom for safe and super-efficient high speed operation with low and high powered outboard motors.
21. Dragonfly II: A redesigned version of an exceedingly popular boat (the Dragonfly I), this new model retains its planing shape but is faster, more maneuverable and smart appearing. Adapted to a one man operation upon smooth water. Ten feet long. Weighs 115 pounds and seats one person.
22. Eager Eve: A larger boat that sleeps two but carries up to four. Not a hydroplane but nevertheless a nice boat. Weighs 600 pounds and is 18 feet long.
23. El Cid: Is a sport boat that you can build in days for less than $100. It will provide you hours of safe fun for youngsters of all ages. El Cid is a mini inboard hydro that's powered with a 4 hp air cooled engine. It's top speed is about 16 mph with a 100 lb. teenager aboard. It features a "dead man's" throttle that shuts the motor off when the driver lets go of the throttle, so there's no danger if the operator falls off the boat.
24. Firefly: A high speed, stepped outboard hydroplane! A new but thoroughly proved method of venting the step for top speed and a new bottom design make this sporty craft fast, efficient and seaworthy. Firefly will exact every bit of speed possible from the power utilized.
25. Flyer: Absolute maximum speed is the cry of many race drivers. For a race they want a boat that will go fast. Sufficiently fast to win and if it will win then the other features do not matter. The 135-Class Flyer is designed to give maximum speed under normal competitive conditions. Factors of design giving straight away speed, turning ability and ability to ride rough water have been so proportioned that in an actual race a high peak of speed is reached.
26. Flying Fisherman: Simply a fast, outboard utility. Eleven and a half feet long with an easily driven hull. Planked with plywood or thin cedar for appeal.
27. Hasty Hornet: This sleek hydroplane is several notches above more standardized models in terms of speed. You'll find she also requires a bit more skill in building.
28. Jinx: While the Jinx will race like a demon it is also safe and sturdy enough to use as a small boat for the family. It was designed for Class B stock utility racing and qualifies under APBA rules. If built with the materials listed here it will weigh just under 140 pounds.
29. Jump-N-Jack, The jack Knife Trailer Boat: Fore and aft halves of the Jump-N-Jack float by themselves in case the girl friend wants to row home alone! As you probably guessed, this is a boat/trailer combo. It is easy to build and can be operated with oars or a motor. Simply fold it over like a knife and it changes into a one wheel trailer for carrying your gear or simply transporting it to the launching area. Very cool.
30. Maximus: Perfect for water skiing. No forms required. Seats two. Twelve feet and six inches long.
31. Merry Maid: A plywood 15 foot speed boat that was designed for a man who desires a roomy little boat capable of good speed and having rough water ability. With her graceful sweeping sheer, she is a saucy little packet. Displacement is 910 pounds and beam is 5 feet.
32. Meteor: A fast and sporty outboard hydroplane! It has a convex bottom and not tripping chines. It's the type of lightweight boat that can be hauled anywhere by trailer. With small high speed outboard motors, Meteor's performance is flashy and efficient. It will haul four passengers with ease. Constructing Meteor is not difficult at all but does require workmanlike attention to making close, even joints as the plywood used is only .25 inches thick.
33. Minimax: The most boat for the least money is this happy little hot rod racing dish. One weekend of work or even a day if you're experienced and you will have yourself a boat for under $20! Clamp on a small outboard and your ready to go!
34. Minimost: This boat was designed as a low cost playmate for the Minimax which was one of the most popular hydroplane designs. For a few evenings of work and under $50 you can have the thrill of owning and running your own 8 foot outboard sports hydroplane. Same hull size as the Minimax but more speed by using stressed skin construction.
35. Mustang: A lightweight outboard speed boat which has been adapted to allow carrying atop an auto or by a trailer. Nine feet, ten inches in length. Beam is 51.25 inches and depth is 17 inches. Weighs 125 pounds and can carry up to three people.
36. Nancy Jane: This 19 foot all purpose craft is designed to meet a great variety of uses in one boat. With a length, beam and depth generous enough to be usable anywhere, this seaworthy design provides a craft that may be equipped with a marine or converted auto engine up to 100HP for speedy and stable riding service on open or sheltered waters.
37. Panther: This is a projectile for water borne space travel. An inboard speedster with super clean and efficient running lines. Put an automobile engine in this rocket and you can easily achieve speeds of 75 miles/hour!!!
38. Playboy: This boat is styled like a sporty inboard. From her wrap around spray rails to the walk through entrance to the forward cockpit, Playboy simply exudes class - superior of any factory built runabout in looks and performance. Extras include a glove compartment for fishing gear, charts, etc. a smooth floor to save scrambling over frames and mahogany planking and deck. Ideal for sports as it packs plenty of power for skidding aquaplanes or water skis. It can haul up to six people. This is one classy boat. I have seen this one on display and it is like a dream when the sun shines on the varnish!
39. PM38: Easy on the eyes as well as the pocketbook the PM-38 out performs boats costing ten times more. Maximum return with minimum expense! Can be built in 38 hours!
40. Riviera: The Riviera is designed for the boat builder who is looking for a dependable boat that has power and class to spare. This 17 footer is a six place luxury boat designed for ski towing and all water sports. It can be powered with 225 HP auto engines for maximum power!
41. Rocket: The Rocket is a boat designed for those who like their boats fast and sporty but still inexpensive to build and operate. Okay it's not really a hydroplane but it is small and fast! Any motor with or without reverse gear will power the Rocket. Auto motors that develop more than 35 horsepower if of light weight and high speed design will do nicely. Marine motors of similar high speed and light weight design will perform even better.
42. Saucy Shingle: Basically the same breed as those big record boats. This three point hydroplane holds major water speed records, and though her points may be smaller she is a miniature thoroughbred. 8' 2" and 74 pounds.
43. Scat Cat: This hydroplane is an outboard powered, 3-pointer that will fulfill all requirements for an A and B class racing hydroplane according to the rules of the National Outboard Assoc or American Power Boat Assoc. It may be entered in sanctioned racing or utilized for an afternoon's thrilling sport.
44. Sea Fury: A 15 foot three point hydroplane runabout! Now, you can build a sleek sports runabout using a three point racing type hull similar to those that have captured championship trophies in hydro-class competition year after year.
45. Sea King: A prime example of the African ski boat. Originally designed from the lines of paddle skis used by life saving patrols.
46. Sea Scout: As the name implies it is a boat with a small inboard and single cockpit destined for use by one to three people and for fairly high speeds with comfort not found in outboards and convenience comparable to a coupe ashore.
47. Shore Lark: Fast, safe and seaworthy on almost any waters. This general utility runabout will afford long and happy hours of sport and repay it's construction many times.
48. Skeeter: Here's a nautical "pumpkin seed" that will whip the pants off of many highly touted commercial speedboats. In fact, she's just enough boat to support the driver and motor. The rest is pure flying!
49. Spitfire: Here's a red hot hydroplane for Class B racing events! If your searching for that elusive extra mile an hour to put you ahead of the competition then the Spitfire is the boat for you. She is a step hydro that is eligible for racing in sanctioned class B regattas.
50. Sports 3 Points Hydro: Competition bred, three point hull design, featuring high efficiency, smart appearances and relatively simple lines are a good first choice for boat builders who want fast sports boats with maximum economy. This 13 foot, two passenger hydro.
51. Swift Swoose: An odd looking craft but as stable as a church pew. Don't be fooled however she practically goes airborne when heading into a stiff breeze full tilt. When planing, the Swoose rides on only 12 square inches of bottom. Distributed between both hulls. It's air flowing through the tunnel that lifts the Swoose almost clear of the water and keeps water surface friction to a minimum. Amazing to see!
52. Torpedo: Fast, safe and comfortable is the Torpedo! A distinctive runabout that skims over the water at rave boat speeds and carries four passengers in a capacious hull that will remain leak proof and light during a lifetime of usage.
53. Victory: I saved my favorite for last. This boat is a classic. Imagine the while hull and hardwood deck. Outboard motor and cab immediately in front. Passengers in the middle section of the boat with a small classic wind shield. Have I said this is a classic? This sport runabout has the most attractive lines. Not a speed demon but a real looker.
54. Yellow Jacket: Water speedometer tests show this hydroplane will do 39 mph with a Class A motor. It will do 45 mph with a Class B.
55. Zipper: This 8 foot boat is actually more of a catamaran ski boat than a hydroplane.
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