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Helicopter & Ultralight Blueprints / Schematics:
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Basic Construction Tips and Instructions:
Drilling is one of the basic operations more frequently performed during the building process of any homebuilt project.
Drilling is a simple and straightforward operation, but you can be surprised how many times builders makes mistakes while drilling, that end up with a part being tossed to the garbage bag.
Here are some suggestions that can help you to make perfect holes.
One of the most common problems faced by an amateur builder is to find that that drilling bit is not properly sharpened and usually this is found once the hole is done, in most cases the hole will be oversized and elongated.
Fortunately you can buy a bit sharpener or drill bit attachment that can fix those badly cutting edges and also correct the point angle of the bit.
Keep the bits in their case, don't throw away in a drawer, because rubbing one against each other can damage the cutting edges and besides keeping them neatly arranged will help you to find the right bit much faster.
Start by measuring and tracing the location of the holes over the part.
Use a felt tip permanent ink marker that will not scratch the surface of the part.
(This can be a problem mostly on thin metal sheets or tubes, due that marked lines concentrates tensions and can become in a rupture line)
Mark the center with an automatic punch or with the traditional punch and hammer.
(This mark help the drilling bit to "snap" in the mark, avoiding wandering and damaging the surface of the part being drilled.
Secure the part with "C" clamps or other devices to stop it from rotate or move during drilling.
Choose your drilling bit size, have in mind that:
For better results start a hole with a bit of smaller diameter and then move to a bigger bit, this will help the cutting action of the bit and the finished hole will be more accurate.
When the hole is made for placing a bolt, make it slightly smaller in diameter and then use a REAMER to finish it to a close fit.
If working with a drill press, set the speed, as a rule of the thumb, smaller diameters and softer materials can be drilled at faster speeds.
Put your security glasses on!
Drill through, flip the part over and deburr the hole, using a deburring bit or a much bigger drilling bit (but do it very carefully and applying very little pressure)
When you need to drill round stock or tubing, use a "V" block to secure the part being drilled.
Set the spindle speed: If you work with a Drill press, you can adjust the speed regarding the diameter and the material being drill. (see table)




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