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Cellular Phone Jammers, GPS Jammers and more are featured on this page. Plans and Schematics that are fun and serious to keep you entertained. If you like the Frequency Jammers, Scanners and Devices on this page why not place an order. Why not be cool and get a few Plans today.

AM, FM & TV Television Jammer Schematics
Schematics to build a jammer for AM, FM Radio or Television. Uses easy-to-obtain parts. Everything you need to know to build several different types of jammers included.
AM, FM, TV Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Car Stereo Jammer Plans
Several ways to disable or jam car stereos. Plans also work on home stereos as well. Quite pesky neighbors and there loud radios once and for all.
Car Stereo Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 

Do it yourself TV Television Transmitter Plans

Schematics to build a transmitter for television (UHF and VHF). Uses easy-to-obtain parts. Instructions to build several different types of transmitters included.
TV Transmitter Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
TV Infrared Remote Control Jammer Plans
Capable of disrupting infrared signals emitted by remote controls & other devices that use infrared to transmit information. A very useful toy to use around the house to play games on tv watchers.
TV Infrared Control Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
FM Pirate Radio Transmitter Schematics
Build an FM stereo pirate radio FM transmitter. This transmitter can output up to 10 watts in FULL stereo. Using readily available parts. May be illegal to operate in the USA ( Check Local Laws ).
FM Pirate Transmitter Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Plans for AM,FM and Shortwave Pirate Radio Antennas
Schematics on how to build several types of AM, FM, and shortwave antennas. Plans range from diploes to verticals to gain antennas. Can handle 100 watts or more.
AM, FM, Shortwave Pirate Antenna Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
GPS Antenna Plans
Build several different types of Global Positioning System antennas. Great for building an external antenna for your GPS. Made with store bought components.
GPS Antenna Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 

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