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Listening Devices, Bugs, Spy Equipment Finders and more are featured on this page. Plans and Schematics that are fun and serious to keep you entertained. If you like the Planting Bugs, Listening Devices or finding spy equipment why not place an order. Why not be cool and get a few Plans today.

Laser Listening Device ( Bug )
Use a light beam to listen in (eavesdrop) on conversations anywhere, any time... Listen in on conversations from a window from across the street. It is legal to construct and own but illegal to use in the described manner. Check local laws before attempting to construct this device. These plans are presented for information purposes only.
Laser Listening Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Hidden Bug Schematic Plans
Schematics for building several types of bugs (hidden listening devices): FM, telephone, and others.
Hidden Bug Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Tracking Transmitter Plans
Tracking transmitter plans. Tracking transmitters can be attched to cars, animals, people and other objects. Transmitters covered here operate in the 88 to 160 MHz region. Operates for days on one or two batteries.
Tracking Transmitter Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Wireless Spy Camera Video Sniffer Plans
Build a wireless video network sniffer. Uses off-the-shelf components. This type of sniffer is often called "Warspying". Monitor the transmission of many X-10 wireless video products.
Wireless Spy Camera Sniffer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 

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