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Cellular Phone Jammers, GPS Jammers and more are featured on this page. Plans and Schematics that are fun and serious to keep you entertained. If you like the Frequency Jammers, Scanners and Devices on this page why not place an order. Why not be cool and get a few Plans today.
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Garage Door Opener Scanner Plans
Determine the code of a garage door (or some remote gates). The correct code range is found when the garage door opens. Check Local Laws Before Construction as this device may be illegal to own in your state.
Garage Door Opener Scanner Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Traffic Signal Changer Plans Like MIRT (tm)
Build a traffic light changer. This device will allow you to change a red light to green (on properly equipped traffic control lights). Plans are similar to emergency vehicle equipment. For educational purposes only, illegal to own and use in many places ( Check local laws prior to use ).
Traffic Signal Changer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 

Cell Phone Jammer Schematics & Plans

Cellular phone jammer plans. Three types of cellular telephone jammers are included. Data sheets, software, and pictures are also part of the package. Works with NAMPS, EAMPS, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, 800 Mhz, 900 MHz, and 1800 MHz. Includes plans for a PCS cell jammer!
Cell Phone Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
GPS Jammer Schematics
Build a Global Positioning System (GPS) jammer. Plans use parts commonly available (old C-band satellite receiver, etc.). Includes GPS antenna construction information.
GPS Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Satellite TV Jammer Plans
Build your own Satellite TV jammer. This will jam all KU band based TV channels (which are the popular digital satellite TV services). Components found in local electronics stores. For educational purposes only! Simply aim the unit towards the target dish, turn power on.
Satellite TV Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
CB Radio Jammer Plans
Build a simple CB radio jammer. All you need is a functioning Citizens Band radio, and a few electronic components. Hard to trace as the unit will only operate when someone on the channel is transmitting.
CB Radio Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Police Radar Jammer Plans
Proven plans that will jam X, K, or Ka police radar. The plans use standard store bought parts. Can also be used to jam several types of Red Light Cameras. Illegal for actual use.
Police Radar Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Police Laser (lidar) Radar Jammer Plans
Proven plans that will jam laser police radar (lidar). Uses standard store bought parts. Illegal for actual use.
Police Laser Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Car Stereo Jammer Plans
Several ways to disable or jam car stereos. Plans also work on home stereos as well. Quite pesky neighbors and there loud radios once and for all.
Car Stereo Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
Wireless Network and Cordless Phone Jammer Plans
Build a Wireless Network jammer. Will jam 802.11b 2.4 GHz computer networks AND 2.4GHz cordless phones. Built from easy to find parts.
Wireless Network and Cordles Phone Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 
AM, FM & TV Television Jammer Schematics Plans
Complete set of schematics to build jammers for AM, FM Radio or Television signals. Uses common store bought parts. Everything you need to know to build several types of jammers included.
AM, FM, TV Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 

TV Infrared Remote Control Jammer Plans
Capable of disrupting infrared signals emitted by remote controls or other devices that use infrared to transmit information. A very useful toy in getting back at lazy couch potatoes.
TV Infrared Control Jammer Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 

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