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Pyrotechnics can ad excitment to a show, play, home production or even a holiday. HackersCatalog.com has brought together some fantastic pyrotechnic plans to show you the art of pyrotechnics. Instructions for basic to complex pyrotechnic props are included in this one disk CD-ROM. Learn the art of pyrotechnics today.

Pyrotechnics Explained Plans !!
Have a band, holiday such as halloween or any event where pyrotechnics can spruce it up. Then this CD is for you. Pyrotechnics Explained is a new title offered by HackersCatalog.com to show the inside outs of pyrotechnics and the way it's done. Get your copy today and start becoming the next master pyro.
Pyrotechnics Explained Plans ( 1 ):
$ 5.00 Each 

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