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Plans and Schematics of all types on featured on this page. Pick from home made trashcan smokers to fish shockers, Garage door frequency scanners to vegetable oil car conversions. We will add over 150 plans to our line up to provide even more information on harder to find subjects.
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Jammers / Frequency Scanners
Listening Devices, Bugs, Spy
AM / FM Radio & TV Plans
Building Your Own Fuel Cell

Ignitors, High Voltage
Alarms & Motion Detectors

Gun Plans & Schematics
Go Karts, ATV's Plans

Hydroplane Plans
Helicopter / Ultralight Plans

Boat Plans / Speed Boat Plans
Model Airplane Plans & Schematics

Warspying / Video Sniffing Plans
HomeBrew Alchohols & Cheese Plans

Jewelry Making
Electroplating Weapons

All About Cannabis

Build Your Own Machinery

Stirling Engines
Powders & Explosives


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