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HackersCatalog.com now keeps you up to date with "Site Updates". This section allows us to tell you what features and products we have added to make HackersCatalog easier to use. Read below for news, product releases and changes up and coming. News is current to present month to three months prior. Hacking News, Hacker News, News for Hacking, News for Hackers, Hacking Newsletter, Newsletter for Hacking, Newsletter for Hackers.
Site Updates:
** UPDATE: We are experiencing some phone issues, we are working on new lines and will have that fixed asap.

A new website is launching soon with new products as well as a newly developed download section. Get what you want when you want it electronically. This beta test page will have some of our offerings singled out for beta testing on electronic delivery.

Redesign in progress, updating and removing products with top sellers and up to date information. Removing older products and products no longer supported.
Thank you for eleven years ! We look forward to another ten !
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