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HackersCatalog.com Technical notes section is an online guide to help in answering some general questions, at no time will we answer questions on how to use our products or information for illegal purposes. All information sold on HackersCatalog.com is for educational purposes only.
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Technical Notes:
Here you'll find the unpacking instructions for use with Extreme Media's CDROMs. These instructions are also include on the CD's.
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ZIP Files marked with the extension ZIP are zipped (compressed) and must be unpacked with PKZ2O4G or equivalent before use. PKUNZIP is available from PK Software or from various Internet or FTP sites. Some other programs such as WINZIP will also unpack the files for use. A copy of PKUNZIP is in various locations throughout these CDs.
Files marked with the extension .TXT are text files and must be read with Microsoft WORDPAD or equivalent before use.
Files marked with the extension .ARJ are zipped and can be unpacked with UNARJ, various copies of the shareware version are included in the appropriate subdirectories where the packed files reside.
Programs such as WINZIP will also unpack the files for use if equipped with the proper tools.
Files marked with the extension BIN are BINARY files used to program EPROMs. They are typically NOT readable, but can be read if the extension is change temporarily to xxx.TXT, with WORDPAD. Be sure to change extension back to BIN before using to program.
Files marked with the extension .JPG are JPEG compression format picture files and can be read with programs such as JASC Paintshop PRO or the like.
Copy the file(s) you wish to run to a subdirectory on hard drive. Run the appropriate unpacking program. Unpack the files to the same subdirectory. Read all readme and other documentation files as applicable from within the subdirectory. Run the program(s).
DOC Files marked with the extension .DOC are MICROSOFT WORD files and must be read with MICROSOFT WORD or compatible reader.
These are C language files for compiling. Use a suitable compiler.
Files marked with the extension .HTM or HTML or SHTML are HTML browser files and can be read with any browser such as MICROSOFT Explorer or NETSCAPE'S NAVIGATOR.
Files marked with the extension .EXE are executable programs. Double clicking will RUN these files. Copy to a separate subdirectory before running. Be advised that some . EXE files will install other programs. Or if self-extracting, will unpack and self-install.
Files without extensions are typically text files, but not always. Start your text reader (MICROSOFT WORDPAD) and open the files to read.
Other files have various extensions as named by the author of the program. Some extension work only with certain files as a complete set. You can typically read the files in question by adding the extension .TXT and reading with a text reader.
Files are grouped according to the type or category that the files or program is most suitable for use with. Some files may be archived in more than one location. Although we strive to included the latest version files, some programs may have been superceded with newer version. Contact the seller or owner of the program as applicable for updates or later versions.
Telecode does NOT update any file(s).
If you are unable to read a file in one category, but are able to read other files in other categories, chances are that the CDROM is okay and you have either not unpacked the file or have tried to read the file with an incorrect extension.
If you believe that the CD is defective, please call and ask for a RMA (return authorization number) first, before returning the CD for exchange.
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