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We've put together a collection of materials to hack and modify YouTube Accounts. These methods were sent to us from readers. If you have any other good ways to hack-up your YouTube Account, please email them to us and we will post them here.
Hacking YouTube:
YouTube Hacking
Easy!! YouTube Video* Tutorial
How to View Videos once you log out of YouTube
Intended for adventurous people with no coding experience!!
Downloading Videos in Youtube.
But most video donloader does'nt have a good quality and some are not free.
This is how to get the videos on YouTube or other sites that play video. With the same quality as what you see in their site.
Compatibility Technique:
- Internet Explorer (Any Version)
- As you know every Video we watch in the internet needs to be loaded. It has its buffering time to complete bago natin mapanood ng smooth. Not knowing that we are already downloading the video itself in a raw format ngalang.
- And were do we download it... "Temporary Internet Files!(well some are on the temp files as well )"
- First we have to clear our Temporary Internet Files.
( Raw file ng Video)
- Watch the video at YouTube and let it finish. but dont close the browser on youtube.
- Go to C:\Document&Settings\"YourAccountname"\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
(by the way you have to set your file options to see hidden folders kasi nka hide yang local settings)
- Look for the file "Get Video?12681dg1o8d12g1"
(You Tube uses the Get Video?(followed by the URL) as a defualt name. Other sites use diffrent names so u just have to use your common sense to figure things out. )
- Copy the Get Video? file at your desktop and rename it to "What ever you want to name it .mpg or .Avi or .wmv or Whatever file Video format u want for you to watch it.
- we are just tricking windows that the file is what we really say it is: example nirename nating yung get Video? as naruto.mpg its relly not in mpg format. if you want it to be in its real format , convert it using a video converter.
- sometimes when the file is to big instead the file generates itself in the temp folder rather than the Temporary Internet File. when that happens you have to clear the temp file and redo the whole operation.
- sometimes the Raw file has a diffrent name rather than Get Video? when that happens look for the ".flv" extension or try looking for a Larger file size in the Temporary Internet Folder"
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